hello strangers.

Hello Strangers.

Who am I:

Jiyeon Kim, 23, korean, living in paris, studied fashion design, sentimental, boyish.

What I like:

Photography, film, black, white, analog camera, winter, green grape, dawn, t-shirts,
abstract painting, typewriter, Kodak, sea, north pole, hawaii, movies, Iceland, The XX,
going to bed just before the sun rises, Sigur Ros, puzzle, Stranger than fiction, lego, etc.

The Concept:

It's a shoe blog that i just started, i really like shoes and i believe that the completion of fashion and an outfit are the shoes.
I heard once that good shoes will take you to good place.
So my project is taking pictures of people's portrait and their shoes,
and since you are wearing them, you will arrive to a good place.


1 comment:

  1. yes! i completely agree...not because I'm a shoejunkie but because it really is true. will be looking forward to your future posts.